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Time for a New God, a new documentary featuring Irwin Kula, shows how the events in everyday life are often what is truly sacred and spiritual, and that our experience of God is frequently found not in our houses of worship, but in our daily moments. With Coney Island as the backdrop, the film offers a moving interpretation on the images of life, creating a relationship between God and human experience.
Price: $18.00 (DVD)
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The Book of Jewish Sacred Practices:
CLAL's Guide to Everyday & Holiday Rituals & Blessings
This book will show you how to make any moment in your daily life more holy. Offering meditations, blessings, Jewish teachings and rituals for more than one hundred diverse everyday events and holidays, it draws from both traditional and contemporary sources.
Price: $18.95.
Available through Jewish Lights Publishing or local bookstores nationwide. Phone:(802) 457-4000, Fax (802) 457-4004, E-mail:

"Simple Wisdom with Irwin Kula," a public television series produced by JTN Productions with Irwin Kula, brings an ancient wisdom to the challenges of daily living. Informed by Jewish thought, this 13 -part series addresses the broad issues of life such as work, love, money, sex, family, community, the body, forgiveness, connection, conversation, identity, spirituality, and death.
Price: $76.00 for the series (VHS) or $21.75 for each set (VHS)
Set 1: Who Am I? Your Connection Reflex; A New Spirituality
Set 2: Accepting Your Family; Deepening Love; Sacred Sex
Set 3: My Body Beyond the Mirror; Forgive and Forget; Conscious Conversation
Set 4: Your Money or Your Life; Working to Live or Living to Work; To Life with Death; It Takes a Community

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